Crystal Palace Island

Downloadable 'diy' wallpaper that describes and decorates an area in London – Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace feels like an island already as it's so high, and if sea levels rose 100m (for instance as a result of extreme climate change) it would be the only island in South London. Based upon a series of open and creative conversations in a delicatessen, the project explored where customers came from that morning, that decade, or that generation and where the food they were buying had come from too. The finished work was a decorative pattern, featuring the 'Island' of Crystal Palace and mapping its world-wide connections, while at the same time playing with the idea of how those same (flight-based) connections might result in the area becoming a real island one day. The finished wall paper was made available as a downloadable file with instructions on how distant people who didn't want to travel could still experience the area, by printing and hanging the wallpaper.



The finished work


Launch larger image of tesselated wallpaper in new window



the downloadable wallpaper being printed


How to download and print your own wallpaper:


1. Check you printer is capable of 'banner

2. Download a free poster-printing programme
such as ‘Poster 7’

3. Download the wallpaper file

4. insert into a poster
document in your printing programme

5. Print using banner paper on your household
inkjet printer.