Contingency Research Platform / Construction go to knowledge to see research process

Making a research platform for the Cornish sea. Local contingencies determine available resources and resilient and adaptable responses to uncertain changing environments.

Local research resources used:

World Wide Web
Personal computer
Operating system
Web browser
Remote payment system
Stable, accepted currency
1 solid wood desk
3 suits
35m polyester thread
Discarded Computer parts
30ml epoxy resin
35miles motor transportation
35 twin thread zinc coated woodscrews
25 minutes machine tool power
80 hours physical movement and problem solving





Locate the desk from local source.











Desk transported 35miles







Break down timber








Cut desktop into 15 strips, to be bent and joined into 1 keel and 4 'stringers' (use your current information sources to locate plans).






Mark and cut bulkheads




Use drawers and other spares to make a 'strongback' on which to build the kayak




Construct steamer to bend the stringers and keel.




Strip out wire from computers to lash together the frame, mounted on the strongback




Fillet suits into panels




Sew together suit 'skins'




Sew skins onto frame




Kayak ready for waterproofing - shown with waste and marine research devices.




Waste (less 1% loss during manufacturing) was rerouted to other uses and is no longer part of this project

Image: Carolyn Arnold




Once the kayak is waterproofed with wax and linseed oil, office moves into waves.