More HydroHacks

Low-impact, accessible devices using minimal new equipment, reusing and recycling where possible. Used in the GeoHack workshop for Fascinate 2014 at Falmouth University. Workshop outputs can be seen here and films made using these cameras here.







Pickle Jar Cam mk II - High Grip wrap





Pickle Jar Cam mk III - using plastic jar is safer in water near rocks






A cliplock box that fits your cheap/redundant digicam will need to have a square of clear plastic attached over a hole for a lens. Use silicone sealant to waterproof the lens








Can be held in a hand, strapped to a limb or attached to the head, eg with a swim hat with hole cut in the right place






Cliplock box mkII - you might be able to make a camera fit by removing the plastic casing it comes in. Fixing a lens to the front of the box is also possible






Smaller the better. This digital camera cost £10...





...It fits in a medicine tube. Again a lens is secured over a hole with silicone.